Whatever marketing we do, we need to first believe in them: Simon Sinek

Each company owns a combination of three strategic components: why they exist (Why), how they do business (How) and what are its products and services (What). The specificity of this mix, if the company succeeds in expressing it, becomes its strength. Companies that understood this approach of leadership are more innovative and more long-lasting than the others.

‘Apple’ a computer making company, made it a hit. Why? Because it’s inspiring. It says, everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. We just happen to make great computers.

In his talk, Simon Sinek, consultant and author, explain the necessity for organization to focus on the WHY factor. Why fundamentally did they build up the product, why do they exist and which are the values in which they believe.

Whatever marketing we do for consumers, we need to first believe in them.

In the summers of 1963, 2,50,000 people showed up at a mall in Washington to hear Dr. King. Those days there were no internet, yet people came at the right time on the right day. He never sent any invitation. Still whomever he interacted with, he said I believe…so as a result a huge number of people gather because they believed in his ideas.

Before execution of the dream, first we need to believe in the dream.

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